Re:Unisaw blade returned 51 days later- But its NOT MINE

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Newsgroups: rec.woodworking Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 8:32 PM Subject: Re: Unisaw Blade returned ! 51 days later but, ITS NOT MINE

When I opened the plastic case I mailed, I found that the blade inside wasn't the one I sent. They told me over the phone they had replaced 4 of the carbide points..this blade has had 7 replaced and there is still one chipped and another broken. The surface of the blade on each side shows some cooked on greasy coating which shows that the retention washer that had been holding this blade on was approx 3.25" dia. Mine is about 2.25". There is also some name which has been engraved onto the scratched out/'engraved 'over' and my name has been engraved onto the blade in another area. This blade has obviously been beat.
So my question: IF it had been properly sharpened (not with the broken (1) and chipped(1) teeth as it was returned), would it make a difference if I got my original blade back or not ?
BTW, I ripped a small piece of spruce 2X4 I had cut with the 'old' blade and found that the cut of the 'sharpened' blade was not appreciably smoother than the old (3 yr w/o sharpening). I sent it in after building a home, hoping to get a nice new blade to use for finer work: cabinets, VG fir baseboards/ window/door casing etc. It seems this isnt going to be the case. I certainly dont want to sent it back a third time..51 days..I'll never see it (or my original) again...BAH !!
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