Re: Performax 10-20 Opinions

I'm not sure what use you want to make of the drum sander from your posting but here is my impression based on my reason for buying
I purchased the 10-20 about 1 year ago to aid in making veneer. With some jig making on a thickness planner I could get the planner to go thin enough but the fragile nature of veneer would often cause the TP to eat the veneer.
I use the 10-20 on a separate stand. It is fairly heavy but could be moved on and off a bench as needed (not that I would want to keep doing this). The set up requires the drum to be set parallel to the feed which of course makes sense but is a bit of a pain to do. The feed rollers get in the way so you should make up a couple of blocks to keep them up and out of the way as you set the drum. The drum should be set with the paper installed and for absolute precision needs to be reset each time you change paper. Paper changing is tricky the first few times till you get the hang of it then it goes pretty quickly until you factor in the resetting of the drum each time(if you choose to do so).
The feed roller is a wide sandpaper loop and is a little pain to get to track accurately but once set remains stable. Be warned I bought a couple of spare reed roller belts and I feel the price is outrageous for what they are.
The motor is a bit underpowered and if you are going to use it as a thickness planner on lumber very small bits are in order. I would find this to be to time consuming to be of any real value as a thickness planner.
I have used a 22 inch 220V version of the belt sander an the whole operation goes smoother and quicker but the 10-20 can do as good a job within its limits.
I do not believe in sanding for finish so my experience for this is limited. Grits only seem to be available up to 220 though I could be wrong on this.
Over all for my limited intended use I have been pleased but would be more suspect of using it as a thickness planner. As noted above I am not fond of sanding for finish but for those who do it seems adequate for this purpose. Grits above 220 be a problem.

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