Re: OT: Sgt. Myla L. Maravillosa, 24, of Wahiawa, Hawaii, diedin...

Tue, Dec 27, 2005, 3:44pm (EST+5) (1360.9.44.84) made the effort and burbled: You spelled it out yourself, Disney with a capitol D................ I rest my case! Only the most clueless would even bother pointing that out!
Yawn. You were almost vaguely entertaining there for a couple of minutes, but then you reverted, and are just being silly, Buttercup. Silly, silly, silly. You trolls are all alike, not entertaining, then turn to being silly, and figure your case is proven. You don't impress. Think on this, "Cussing is a weak mind trying to exert itself by force". Poor little Buttercup. Urp. I have no agenda, no "mission", nothing to prove, feel good about myself as a person, have actual friends, and no swearing was used in the typing of this response. You have a nice next life.
JOAT You'll never get anywhere if you believe what you "hear". What do you "know"?. - Granny Weatherwax
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