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Having used inline wheels for a lot of oddball applications, I think the previous poster had a better idea, that of using skateboard wheels.
First, the skateboard wheels are wider and will spread the pressure across a wider area than an inline wheel. Second, the skateboard wheels are usually made of a harder plastic material to begin with, and will not deform as much. Using even the harder of the available inline wheels, they will flat spot very quickly when supporting a static load. Trying to get them to roll after an extended period of time in a static position will be a real chore. If you aren't going to use some sort of major hinge or bearing (vertical) and are looking to support from the bottom using some sort of rollers, you want the hardest material you can get, so you won't get flat spotting when the "door" is just sitting there. I'd suggest as a minimum, the use of the skateboard wheels the previous poster mentioned, however, I might tend to use a steel wheel or roller, against an inlet steel plate on the bottom of the "door" object. Of course, this won't be the quietest operating item, but at least it would move nicely.
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