Re Coping sled Plans? Thanks to all!!

I got some really good advise from all that replied. Everyone had good points that I pondered on. So here is my plan. I am going to put in a miter track. I will not weaken the working surface because I am going to have a 5/8" particleboard under the 3/4" melamine to give it strength. in the 5/8" I am going to cut out a 6" +/- hole to steady the router housing and in the 3/4" I will cut out a 2" hole and drill the mounting screw holes. I was going to put in a base plate made out of plexi glass, but I am not to sure about making the cutout right for it (I still might change my mind on this one). I am making a large work area; it's going to 22" wide and 42" long. This way I don't need to worry about any thing, e.g. cabinet door, to be over balanced on the one side. I am not sure how far to place the miter fence away from the center of the routor, but some research has shown me that about 5" seems to be average. The one reply made me change my mind for the simple fact if I am cutting a rail or stile, it is nice to be able to control it more as far as it getting pushed out of the way. I am going to construct a coping sled out of 1/4" by 6" solid oak. Fence wise, I am going to make a Homemade one as well. I will try to post pictures after I am done on the binaries site.
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