proposed fan for air cleaner....

The local Princess Auto (i.e. Canuck version of harbour freight) is selling a 12" Heating and Vent fan....single speed, meant for use inline in heating system piping for attics, ventilation, exhaust fans, etc.
I am thinking of using this in a air cleaner, simple box with doubled air filters on either side, exhaust out the end...
________________________________________________ filter __ __ frame ________________________________________________ filter | | | | | | | _________|_ | V | _ | | | \ | | | air ________\ | \| | exhaust on this end | flow / | |\ | | | |_\ | | A |___________| | | | | | | | | | ________________________________________________ filter __ __ frame ________________________________________________ filter
Since the thing is intended to be used in piping, I am thinking it should be able to handle the static pressure needs of a air cleaner to pull air through the filters, but that is also the reason for the doubled filters...partially to be able to use smaller filters and therefore reduce the profile of the unit and partially to be able to get greater filter area through two sets of filters (and thereby easier air flow).
Any comments, from anyone who may have tried this or worked with one of these units as to whether it will be able to get the job done?
This particular unit is rated to pull 800 cfm...
and before you chime in, yeah yeah I know...get a cheap HVAC blower...I have tried...haven't found one yet.
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