Popsicle Sticks

Went out to the shop today to work on some of the final parts to my miter sw setup. Found an important part will need to be shimmed, or do a lot more work to make another piece than it's worth. Then found that making the shims will call for a lot of fiddly measuring and cutting, taking more time and effort than i's worth. Then found the perfect answer. Popsicle sticks. Found out that several stacked are the perfect size, and if I use them I can glue thim up tonight, and be ready to proceed tomorrow, with a piece that will be as close to perfect size as I can probably get. And here I'd been thinking I'd finally mke a setup that wouldn't use popsicle sticks somewhere in it. The Woodworking Gods are highly amused.
JOAT If you can read this you're in range.
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