Pinewood Derby


Well, we actually did come up with some 1 micron polishing cloth for the axles and wheels.
The schedule was:
File the webs off. File the underside of the nail head to a moderate cone shape. 400 grit. 600 grit. 1000 grit. 1500 grit. 2000 grit. 30 micron polishing cloth. 15 micron polishing cloth. 9 micron polishing cloth. 3 micron polishing cloth. 2 micron polishing cloth. 1 micron polishing cloth.
The boy was mortally tired of going through this prep after four axles worth.
Then we trued the wheels and coned the hubs with the same schedule.
Then we sanded the car body, where it could contact the wheel hubs, to 1000 grit.
Then we burnished the wood with graphite powder.
I believe that the boy was getting right pissed off at me and thought that this project was turning into homework.
But - you should have seen the smile on his face tonight when he came in first in all nine heats. He was first place out of forty nine entrants.
Little Dude said, "Can we polish some more before we go to the district race?"
I said, "I don't know son but, if you can find us some .5 micron polishing cloth, we just might."
Little Dude learned something about, "...the infinite capacity for taking pains."
Dad learned something about how to motivate Little Dude.
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Congratulations to you both ... you both did each other proud!
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