PhotoShop Variations of a Piece PhotoShop Variations Of A Piece PhotoShop Variations Of A Piece

There's been quite a bit of chatter about SketchUp lately. It looks like a great design tool and if, or when, I finish upgrading both my computer and software - and regain my former abilities with PhotoShop 5.5, replaced by Photo Shop Elements 6.0, and GoLive's replacement DreamWeaver CS3 - I plan to tackle SU.
But photo editing software like PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements 6.0 can be pretty powerful design tools as well - if you want to check out variations of an existing design that you have a digital image of. PS Elements 6.0 is going for about $90 - and you can also use it to play with snapshots from your digital camera.
Here's an example of what you can do with just a few "tools" (select, copy, paste, move, flip).
I've posted an example of variations of the Neehi 72 piece that was linked to in a question here in rec.woodworking - over in
The original post that linked to this piece asked how to cut what appears to be an arch in the underside of the top.
In the original photo of the piece, the drawer in the center looked out of place - a big box in the top center. with an arch on either side of it. I took the image into PhotoShop and by copying areas of the image and pasting them back in separate layers I could futz around with moving and changing the drawer.
Just something to consider
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