OT Highly recommended traffic safety course(little long)

Not to sound like Christ on the cross, The National Traffic Safety Institute, or NTSI. I had to find out about this resource by getting popped for an illegal U-turn (didn't see the little sign, no excuse), so I had to pay $127.00. But all y'all can take it for only 30 bucks. Man, I thought I was one of Tucson's best drivers, always careful, driving generally slowly enough to be able to react, and only the real eggregious people would raise my temperature(of which there seem to be a lot these days, sorry to say). I don't want to become that which I hate e.g. weaving around in traffic, not using turn signals so's people won't know your intentions 'til the last second, or not at all. The teacher I had is an ex-cop, ex-firefighter, and ex-Air Force Special Forces, which forced him to see a lot of death. A typical adrenalin junkie, kinda like me. The ex-cop in him gave him first hand, and the class a second hand knowledge that you rarely get. Besides the usual clowns in the class(I had my moments), most folks were engaged by the chance to talk with someone who could recite law, make recommendations, and was a general nice guy. If you're in the Tucson area, check out NTSA's schedule, and see if a guy named Rich Douglas is presiding over a course. You can tell him I sent you, as I can't thank him enough. You can call them at 1(800)-726-6874. Or not I suppose, and go on living in the false belief that you're the the best, or even average, like I did. Man, was I foolish! And I still do some pretty foolish(to most people) things! Tom
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