OT: Cracked Garage Door Repair

Our garage door has some cracks in it from the kids hitting it with their bikes. No thru holes, just "star burst" cracks. I'd like to repair it rather than replace if possible.
A buddy who builds boats as a hobby suggested a technique they use in that trade. He suggested using a 2 part epoxy with "wood flour" in it. You trowel it into place then sand and paint. I'm not sure if the cracks are big enough to hold the material (i.e. it may simply fall out when sanded). I'm going to try that if I get no better suggestions. Heck, if it doesn't work, it couldn't look worse than it does already!
Anyways, shy of replacing the door does anyone have any suggestions?
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"Rileyesi" writes:

Using wood flour as a filler for epoxy is an absolute WASTE of good epoxy, IMHO.
Use microballoons rather than wood flour. They are cheap.
Your description infers that this may be a wood hollow core type construction door.
If so, the epoxy method described by your buddy will work just fine; however, include the following in your repair procedures.
Use a right angle sander with 24 grit disc to rough up the surface and create a "tooth" for the epoxy fairing compound to grab.
Sand an area about 2"-3" larger than the starburst all the way around the area (6" extra measured as a diameter).
Mix up some epoxy, thicken with microballoons, then apply with a notched trowel and allow to cure (2-3 days)
Sand patch smooth with some 36 grit, then reapply more fairing compound to create a smooth surface and allow to cure (2-3 days).
Finish out with 36, then 60, then 80 grit and paint as required.
Trust me, if you do it correctly, that door will return to compost while the patch will still be serviceable.
BTW, just posted a URL to some boat construction pics that show some of the above techniques.

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