Old Man's Hands


My wife says that I'm "aging to perfection" In steaks, isn't that the stage before rot sets in?

I've been guilty of that.. lol
I think that we have 3 levels of self image....
The mental one that is usually 20 years out of date and gets us hurt when wee try sports or heavy lifting...
The one that we see in the mirror, that's almost accurate, but still effected by our mental image
The one brought screaming home when you see a picture of yourself, because it's usually the "real you"...
Who's that fat guy with the bald head?? Oh shit, it's ME! lol
Trying to drag this a bit on-topic, I took a 20 year leave of absence from woodworking because I was just unhappy with most things that I made.. When I sort of re-entered the game, I found that I have much more patience and self confidence now and am really enjoying my time in the shop..
Instead of skipping a step or not letting glue really set well because I was in a hurry to get it done, I now have the patience and hmm.. maybe self control to stop myself from hurrying or skipping steps and just enjoying the process..
Have to wait for glue to dry or for the store to open because I want to use the correct screw or whatever? Now, I just put a chunk of wood on the lathe or head for the cantina for a while... *g*
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