Looking for template guide adaptors

I bought some template guide adaptors for routers I have got to use Poretr-Cable's Omnijig with the catalog of Jesada Tools some years ago. I now want to get them again, then I checked the web site of Jesada, but I cannot locate it. Please advise the URL of the web for Jesada if some one knows it. Also, please advise the other online shop where you can get the adaptos, instead of Jesada.
Thanks in advance,
Mickey in Japan
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snipped-for-privacy@nifty.com wrote:

Jesada tools... http://allita.net/Projects/omnicat5/index.php?cat_id=0
Copy and paste from... http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?t 552
**************************** My name is David Venditto and I am the President of Infinity Cutting Tools in Clearwater, Florida.
I wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air regarding rumors, speculation, concerns and questions relating to my company.
The short version goes something like this;
My father, Carlo, sold his business, Jesada Tools, about 3-1/2 years ago. The new owners did not have much luck with the business and ran into trouble early on. We are not sure if they are out of business but it seems likely at this point.
After the sale of Jesada I worked in another industry until I realized I missed woodworking and so I decided to get back into the cutting tools business. Most of my cutting tool experience comes from setting up and running the production of router bits at Jesada Tools.
Some of the Infinity Tools products resemble the Jesada products because I have designed the line according to the engineering that produced the excellent quality at Jesada. Infinity products are coated with a Silver Teflon, not White and we do not sell any other bits except our own.
Infinity Tools is owned by myself entirely and Im not sure where the Australian ownership theory got its start but that is not true.
We currently have products made to my specification in the U.S.A., Italy, and Taiwan. I provide design, engineering and material spec's for all of our products, regardless of which partner factory we use, like we did at Jesada for items we did not manufacture. For the consumer, the quality assurance comes from the Infinity Tools logo on the product, this means that it stands up to my standards, no b.s.
If any of you have any questions regarding Jesada, (yes, the name stands for JEssica, SAbrina and DAvid), Infinity Tools or routing please call me directly at 1-877-872-2487 and I would be happy to speak with you.
Also, If you are interested in reading some Infinity product reviews please visit our home page and follow the links, www.infinitytools.com
If you would like to read an in depth article regarding our company this link may be of interest to you: http://www.newwoodworker.com/infinqa.html
Thank you,
David Venditto Infinity Tools 1-877-872-2487
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(another poster)
Jesada is also alive but I don't think well. They have offices in the USA, Canada and Australia but not sure of their status. I did just order a catalog and we'll see what happens.
The carving templates you were referring to are called "3D Router Carver" (incase one wants to search on it) and yes, it is back in the CMT court. And are sold by other companies such as Tool-Corral and others.
The father, Carlo, used to work for Freud, then was CEO of CMT (I think there is some connection between the two, i.e., CMT is the USA version of Freud). Carlo quit and started Jesada some 7-8 years ago. While at CMT, created the "orange" color and took that to Jesada. CMT sued and sort of won --- CMT kept the color but had to pay Carlo for "inventing" it. Jesada then went with the "white" color. Much information can be found on this forum by searching for CMT, Jesada, Infinity and/or Venditto
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