Limited Edition 2.7 hp Craftsman table saw

I was given a Limited Edition 2.7 hp Craftsman table saw in the box.
Before opening it I wondered if anyone has had experience with this
particular saw? Why did they call it Limited edition? I checked at
Sears and the sales person did not know anything about it. When did
they sell these and at what price? I don't have an older catalog to
look up the description or price for 9-24825. Thx in advance.
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hi it was probably sold during christmas and has some special accessories Like th 1/16 of a horse power motor that explodes at 2.7 hp(so it a max hp is2.7hp) it may have a stand of a special color that makes it cut better you the usual craftsman stuff.
good luck
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Sounds like the first saw that I had. While not the best, I did make some nice projects with it. The table size is restrictive as it is smaller than a full sized contractors saw. Direct drive, it is a bit noisy.
The limited part was just a sales deal at a lower price.
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Edwin Pawlowski
Suggestion: eBay it and put the money you get from it in piggy bank until you have enough saved up for a better saw.
I too was given one awhile back, because the now ex-girlfriend thought the old cast iron top Crapsman I bought second hand a few years ago was too old. I've used the new one for some ripping jobs, but thats about it. I still use my old one for most of my work, due to the crappy miter gauge / track in the new one.
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I have one still in the box, it `belonged to my brother in law. The box says April 2000.
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