Latex Paint, Titebond II, and Bob Morley

I got a Bob Marley CD the other day and just tossed that in because I've been listening to it on my journeys to town and back.
Gots the rifle finished. Ip's painted. LOL But not yellow. I experimented with the paint after I was finished, thinning it down, and making what I call a "wash", and tired it on a piece of scrap wood. Nice. Looks like a stain, and went on like one. This was a custom color I mixed up, so it would be no problem mixing custom color "washes". If, and when, I redo the stock, I'll use a custom mixed "wash" on it, as a stain, rather than just painting it.
I'd gotten some Elmer's Glueall at Wally world for $.25 for a 4 oz bottle. I'd tried it as a finish, in place of water base poly, on a couple of my wooden banks. Went on nicely, did well. So tried it on th e rifle stock. Seemed to go on well enough; however, on the black it did not stick well and was easily peeled off. Seemed to be OK over the rest of the paint, but the paint didn't seem to stick well to it, and would peel off easily. I'd called the 1-800 number some time back and asked about using it as a finish. They said they'd not done any testing on it, but figured it'd probably work. They did say they knew of several sculpturers who used Titebond on their wooden sculptures, which were kept outdoors. Anyway, the Titebond seems to be working quite well as a finish, I painted over it with no problem, and it sticks to the black latex.
Pictures of the finished rifle are here. /
Life is basically good. Except, I still haven't found the rifle sling that I put away where it wouldn't get misplaced. Ah well.
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