kalantas wood for sauna

Has anyone tried using the wood called kalantas to build the interior of a sauna? Botanical Names: Toona calantas syn. Cedrela calantas Family Name: Meliaceae Local Names: Surian (Indonesia, Malaysia), kalantas, limpaga, New Guinea cedar Colour. Heartwood is light red to red-brown. Grain. Grain is straight or interlocked and wavy. Texture moderately coarse. The wood is similar in appearance and odour to Aussie red cedar, Toona ciliata. Wood properties Density. 480 kg/m3 at 12 % moisture content; approximately 2.1 m3 of seasoned sawn timber per tonne. Strength Group. (<S7) unseasoned, (SD8) seasoned. Shrinkage to 12% MC. Approximately 7.0 % (tangential); 4.0 % (radial). Durability. Class 2 - Highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather, clear of the ground and well drained with free air circulation. Hardness. Very soft (rated 6 on a 6 class scale)
thanks Lar
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