I'm having a BEER in ATLANTA....

I'm going to be having a beer at a bar near the Georgia World Congress
Center at 6:30pm on Thursday night. If any other wreckers are going
and would like to (a) drink a beer, or (b) obeserve me drinking
a beer, feel free to email me and we'll work out the details.
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Jay Pique
The house is gonna love you. Unfortunately it's a bit of a fur piece for me to travel. Have a tall cool one for me. mahalo, jo4hn
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Depending on which thursday lol, if its the past thursday , damnit I missed out, if its this next thursday, damnit I am gonna miss out lol
Have a scotch for me
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Thats not the place to be drinking ,Buckhead [about 5 miles north] is where all the action is bars, resturants and nightlife....mjh
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Mike Hide
Actually, Buckhead is going quite downhill. My favorite bars all closed down. If you're going to be around Friday, check out the Atlanta Brewing Company's brewery tour. $5 gets you a tour and all the beer you can drink! And the beer is great. Their Red Brick Ale is one of my favorites.
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Charlie Mraz
I had a college roommate that did that. He would buy the first round of the evening (usually for two or three guys). Eventually there would be 15+ guys at the table but, just before it was his turn to buy again, he would have to 'go study for a test'. He is a lawyer now!
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Jim Giblin

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