Help with Furniture Storage

I just unpacked about four rooms of furniture and other stuff in boxes after four years in storage. (many short term moves) and have had no problems with finishes, joints or any other wood movement problems. I also have many, many...many (sigh) many books and have not had mildew or cracking problems. I also have not had any travelers of the six (or eight) leg varieties, so I guess that my experiences with storage may differ from the other posters. I paid about $70 per month for a 30'X 10" storage bay with a single overhead door. This was in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and yes this stuff went through Ivan and Opal without any water or wind damage.
So, I would suggest looking around and seeing what is available. I realize that things are very different in Wis. as the temps. vary a bit more (Ha!) and thus, so does humidity. But I would suggest that if well packed and surrounded by things that help moderate rapid changes in humidity (like lots of stuff in cardboard boxes such as clothes and books) that this concern can also be overcome. After all, most homes have not been climate controlled for more than say, fifty or sixty years and much of the furniture from that era and before has survived.
Just a thought.
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