FTNIPI - An Update

www.woodworking.wizkids is the new kid on the block in offering free woodworking plans, free woodworking advice, hints and tips on carpentry and alike. Over the 2 months we've been going we had over 52000 visitors already, with revistors increasing weekly.
Our aim is to search the web and provide Free woodworking plans and Free woodworking projects, including Adirondack Chair Plans, Bedroom furniture, Bookcases, Chairs, Coffee Tables, and many more. Even some more specialised ones like Boats and Watercraft, Birds and Bat Boxes, Gaming Tables,and Garden furniture and structures.
We also hope to incorporate useful Advice, Hints & Tips from around the bizarres; gathering the wealth of experience from many fine, established woodworkers as well as learning from the mistakes from the beginner or amateur woodworking enthusiasts. In time, it is hoped, that site will be an essential (and still free) tool for woodworkers of all levels.
In order to do this, feedback is essential. We've received tonnes of feedback so far, and for those of you who do visit regularly, you'll notice the site is constantly changing. If we remove something (or add something) that you like or dislike, then please tell us, and we will do our best to rectify it.
I have received a lot of flack (and a lot of support) over the two months for the site, so am taking this opportunity to "set out my stall", as it were and respond the more prominent issues.
Your Feedback so far...
As well as much appreciated positive and negative, constructive feedback we've recieved, we've also received a lot of unconstructive feedback. Most of this is aimed at the fact we have Google Advertisements on our pages, and implies that this site is constructed solely for us to make money from you clicking on those ads. For those of you who want more info on how I generate revenue from Google Advertisements, then take a look at the link.
....and for a site like this, create a very small amount of income. If you compare the amount of time I take over this site, to the income I recieve, you'll notice that I'm not doing it for the money, just to help pay towards the rediculous cost of internet in Britain!
On a typical day I make 0.42 dollars which is 0.217275 GBP (under 22 pence). Please also remember that I don't at any stage ask, force or make anyone click on these ads.
Right. Enough of that; back to the point in hand.
Feedback has shown that the vast majority of people who visit this site already know what they're looking for. So it has been decided to make the site simpler to use, by placing everything in a Woodworking Topic (or Genre), and then placing the results alphabetically; and binning the Alphabetical Litings, the store and the forum. This will happen in due course.
Also, thanks to constructive advice from Jim Barry at www.woodworkersworkshop.com, I am in the process of updating my links to include their sources, so once you've found what you're looking for, you can get the advice and support of those who posted the plans in the first place.
On a final note, a bit about me....
My name is Barry and i live in Northern England. I'm recently married and have one son. I have been into woodworking from an early age, and my first project was a very basic pencil case we made at school.
I have since made many different projects including a fish tank stand, Coffee Table, Computer Desk, a bridge for the garden, pergolas, a greenhouse, 3 sheds, and a house number plate, but have more recently been concentrating on building my "ideal" workshop.
I've always been interested in computers, so mixing two hobbies seemed like a good idea.
I hope you enjoy the site and keep revisiting and maybe add a plan/link or two.
Happy Woodworking
PS: FTNIPI - For those not interested, please ignore.
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