Hello everyone I have a floor problem that I need to fix so SWMBO will let me get back to building my workbench etc. in my bsmt workshop. It's both a building and a joinery problem. I bought a 20 year old house in 2003. There was a raised ridge 12 inches from the wall running the length of the hall.(plywood seam) I thought since the bsmt floor had lifted and the bsmt partition wall not floated, simply fixing the wall would solve the problem. That didn't work. I lowered the teleposts over the winter as well. Now for the woodworking part. The joists are butted together and the wall was under the joists, not the beam. Hence, the butt joints are not aligned, varying from 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Friction is preventing the joists from sitting on the beam. I believe I have at least two options which don't involve changing the house or SWMBO. (1) rip up the carpet and shim with something (wood or ?) (2) get the offensive line of the Chicago Bears to jump simultaneously on the floor.
No. 2 is out of the question any suggestions? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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