Dovetail, M&T Jigs Combined

While some people say they "don't need no steenking plans", I'm not one of them. Motivated by a number of threads on the wreck and a couple of e-mail exchanges, I'm (finally) about to start building a 3-1/2 axis CNC joinery machine that, for starters, is capable of producing dovetail (through, half-blind, and full-blind) and mortise and tenon joints.
At 2' x 2' x 2', it's intended as a benchtop machine to do more or less precise machining within a 12" x 12" x 4" region without any limitation on workpiece length - which should be adequate for most joinery operations. The spindle can be tilted from vertical to horizontal (that's the "1/2" axis) for cutting the "pins" side of dovetails and for cutting all the way around tenons, etc. As with the photo I posted a while back to ABPW, it'll be possible to cut both sides of dovetail joints with a straight bit.
I've posted enough of the design to ABPW to give a notion of the machine's simplicity - although I didn't include lead screw/stepper detail in the drawing posted.
I plan to build what I've shown using baltic birch, Delrin rod, steel rod, and aluminum bar stock. I plan to stick with 1/4-20 SS and brass fasteners throughout.
I hope you find it interesting!
-- Morris Dovey DeSoto Solar DeSoto, Iowa USA
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