Crown on cabinet questions

First, is there some technical language that distinguishes between crown which sits atop furniture or cabinets and the much more common molding that spans a cabinet or a wall and the ceiling?
The GF has the former and I'm unsure how to position it. They are face frame cabinets and the reveal (proper term?) at the top, bottom and sides is only a quarter of an inch. The crown molding is two piece: a 3/4 by 1 and 1/2 with a tongue on the narrow dimension and a 3 inch with the dog leg that extends out and has the groove.
My thinking was to extend the face frame upward with some 1x2s and to attach the crown to that. Then the face frame and the base of the crown will be in the same plane. Looking around I see it different ways. Sometimes it is slightly extended from the plane of the face frame, typically with larger faces, sometimes parallel with the doors, and sometimes slightly extended from that plane.
Any thoughts? Is there a correct or traditional way to do it?
I also have to determine two sides which have that quarter inch shallower face due to the face frame extending past the side slightly.
Also, they are in an "L" layout with the turn done with two turns in the corner cabinet rather than a 90. Any tricks on techniques on joining at those turns? Surely, folks don't cope that, do they?
Last, the weight of the crown isn't that great, but does anyone ever brace it slightly. I have a tendency to over-do, but I imagine someone on the counter to change lights or something and using the edge to brace themselves or?
p.s. I'm having hardware problems and may not be able to respond quickly, but I am listening... thanks in advance
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