Arc/Ellipse Cutting Jig

I would like to thank all those who responded to my query about an easy way to cut elliptical arches on rails etc. There are so many ways to skin a cat, it isn't funny!, but......I wanted to share a really simple jig for the band saw that makes it a cinch to cut multiples. All it entails, is make an arched template exactly twice as big as the piece you need. For example: You need four rails for a small end table 18 inches long. Be sure to include tenon length, especially if they touch the template! Using the bow string method, trace the ellipse on a 36 inch board. (I use my four foot aluminum straight edge looped with string around it's length and a scrap piece of wood in the back to to flex and create the ellipse you want, centering the scrap to keep even). Draw a center line on the board. Cut the ellipse to the line as carefully as you can and then smooth by all methods you can muster. The smoother and fairer this template is, the better! Line up the center line of the template with the business end/cutting edge of your band saw blade. Clamp it to the table securely, keeping the distance parallel across the table. Set the distance from the blade on the corner of the arched piece, or start a little farther out to create a small flat spot before the arch. Make a test cut, make sure it's set up right. Push the piece from left to right, through the blade, keeping contact with both ends of the jig. Once you are satisfied, you can cut as many as you want..........all the same! Also if there is any question about it being symetrical, you can turn it over and run it through the other way to even it out. ( of course this only works for more than, not less than). I figure every time I need to make something like this , I'll just make a new jig and after a while I'll accumulate enough sizes to have something that will work! I knew there had to be a better way! Michael
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