Almost there, New Floor, New Ceiling and Walls.... Cabinets in this week! Any ideas, tips and trick?

So far everything has come out better them I estimated, I've budgeted myself to 8K, 3 of that is for Silestone Countertop. and have spent 3.5K (including some nice tools) So I'm comfortably ahead. Since refacing was going to cost me $19K and new up between 25 - 30K. I was going to go with A. K., price was great but the Sales guy made two appointments never called or showed up. I spoke with the manager and got a call later that day "that he had to take his daughter to the Hospital, don't know about you, but I would call my office and let them know!!! So I didn't want to give this guy my money, kitchen and time and end up never seeing him. So After looking at everybody's cabinets, I went with Ikea. I bought 2 base cabinets and 2 wall for $300. (if the sucked they'd end up in my shop (win win)) Just to see if I would like them. I went with the cheapest model, since I would make the doors myself. I'm pretty damn happy. I made up for what little short comings they had. the 1/4 inch hardboard backing replaced by 5/8ths ply. and glued and screwed them solid. I had 2 missing pieces and 1 broken piece, I most likely misplaced them and broke the foot. They apologized and after figuring what item's were missing, 15 minutes later 3 new pieces.....So from sub-floor to rafters to wall studs.......... one all new kick-ass kitchen designed around cooking and functionality. When I'm done by August, I'll post pictures.........
You really have to examine the ingenuity of the cabinets and hardware. The draws all self closing, was actually fun and interesting to assemble and solid as hell. I wanted to make everything from scratch, just not enough time. I had two problems with Ikea's line, I wanted a more "Mission Style" Door and they don't have an angled corner sink cabinet (so I kept my old face). but other then that, they are as good as what was installed and that lasted 20 years. I'll also use there mounting brackets (method) too...
So before I start throwing things up and screwing everything together anyone got any ideas?
Thanks, Joe
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