Worcester Combi boiler problem

I have a Worcester Bosch 24i combi boiler that has an intermitten
problem heating my radiators. I can hear the boiler come on in th
morning but when I get up 30mins later the raidiators can be cold but
can hear the boiler. Presumably the fan.
Sometimes I turn the control knob on the combi too off and then back t
the correct position and I can hear it make a clicking and the combi ma
then ignite and then do its job.
Is this just a coincidence?
Sometimes its ok for days and then just develops the problem again.
Any help would be appreciated.
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I had the same problem with mine. (Same boiler) try to look at the pressure gage. If the pressure is to high to boiler will not fire and when the water it cool down the pressure go down than the boiler fire again. I took some water out of my system and no it's all fine.
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