Where's the smell coming from?

There is a disgusting 'bad egg' smell coming from our bathroom sink
(plughole). My husband has checked the drains and there is certainly no
blockage. The smell seems to be worse when the toilet hasn't been flushed
for a while. (I tend to notice it in the middle of the night if I have to
get up for a quick nip to the loo).
There is also a similar smell coming from our kitchen sink - and again there
is no blockage.
Any ideas? If so, what can we use to eliminate the smell? We have put
bleach and soda crystals down but these have just tarnished the brass
plughole which has now become brown and pitted!
Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.
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================================ It's possibly a build-up of soap in the trap(s). This will be on the surfaces of the trap(s) so no apparent blockage. Have a look in your local supermarket for a special liquid drain cleaner.
We use one called 'Liquid Power sink and drain cleaner'. Look for a bright orange container.
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certainly no
Could very well be horrid stuff in the pipe from the overflow to the main trap. Just had exactly this issue with our kitchen sink. Foul smell whenever water put down sink. Copious bleach etc put down trap to no avail. Removed overflow fitting and pipe and removed disgusting gunge manually. Washed out with bleach and problem solved totally.
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Andrew Mawson
You have a suction problem sucking the traps dry ..think of fitting a air admittance valve. You MIGHT have a blocked BREATHER stack.
Putting stuff down will not fix the problem.
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The Natural Philosopher

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