What Gas Boiler?

Our existing Gas Boiler, although working well, is ancient and I think the
time's right to change it. I have British Gas coming out in three weeks time
to give us a quote (I know they're expensive) but what kind of price should
I be expecting to pay for a Boiler and an installation? I have heard that
the system would probably benefit from a power flush at the same time (it's
never been done as far as I am aware as I've only been here 3 years) - is
that expensive to do? The rads heat up really quickly as they are but again
I don't know whether the system's got fernox in it or not. I also do intend
to have a price for the job from several other corgi approved plumbers.
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About half or so of what BG quotes.
About £800 at BG prices, less than a half of it by a capable local heating engineer. About £50 if you rent the machine and do the job yourself which is perfectly easy.
If the boiler is going to be changed or you are going to powerflush then it doesn't matter.
It's better to find a heating engineer.
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Andy Hall
In message , Andy Hall wrote
Judging by the 'tadpole' web pages that are being discussed in this forum people calling themselves heating engineers are definitely the ones to avoid.
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Ballpark 2-3K, depending on whether controls (TRVs, zone valves) need fitting, new gas pipe needed (for combi replacing heating-only) etc.
Personally I'd avoid DIY-shed boilers, Potterton & Baxi. Worcester Bosch and Vaillant have good reputations for reasonably-priced (£700-800 inc flue & VAT) boilers. Dunno about Glowworm, Ideal, Vokera etc. Ed's boiler choice FAQ is worth reading, and you may want to look at the wiki pages on CH design etc.
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John Stumbles
Do you have a British Gas maintenance contract?
If yes and the idea to replace the boiler came from them, then ask for a system replacement. BG has a process which is designed to reduce their costs when they have contracted to fix aging boilers which are getting very costly to them.
If the old boiler was costing them a fortune, then the local techies, ( I won't call them engineers, any more than any of you so called are engineers, are "engineers" unless you are chartered. The the rest of Europe they appreciate the difference and it really matters), then BG will be pleased to minimise its costs by installing a new boiler for only the cost of the boiler alone and BG will forget all the installation & labour costs and incidentals!
They did mine for the cost of a new Glow-Worm 30Kw with new filling loop and other extras for well less than =A3800, all up inc VAT! BG got a good deal on the boiler as well.
I'm only honour-bound to go on paying the =A3100+ annual maintenance charge while BG is protected by the two year warranty from G-W.
I know that this was a good deal and will let BG take the two year's fees of =A3200 or so while the boiler its on a two year warranty!
Everyone trashes BG, often with very very good reason, but I can only spell out the facts.
However...... they were contracted to maintain/repair a Potteron Envoy, which I suspect could bankrupt many nations in a few more years, leave alone BG!
So, if you have a BG contract, try it. Else =A31,400 on a like for like replacement is the best you'll get.
Good luck..... EP
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