Wall Tile Adhesive

Hi Folks,
I hope that somebody can help me with this problem.
In the bathroom of my Uncle's house 2 colums of tiles buckled and I pulled
them off before they fell. I would like to put them back on the wall as
they are in good order, except that they have the tile adhesive on the back
of them.
Is there any easy way of getting this adhesive off? I tried a bit of
scraping but I did not want to put too much pressure on the tile in case it
cracked. Is there any way of softening the adhesive?
Many thanks
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I had exactly the same thing happen in my bathroom the other day. Although I have a quantity of spare tiles I thought I might try to reuse the old ones (to save a lot of cutting if nothing else!).
I simply soaked the tiles (face down) in cold water for a couple of hours, and the adhesive came away quite easily with a scraper and a nailbrush.
Obviously it'll all depend on the type of adhesive.
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Frank Erskine
Many thanks for the suggestions guys - I should be able to try them this weekend.
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