Vaillant boiler electronics help please

Hi, I have a second hand, near new Vailllant Ecomax 622/2E system
boiler. It's a condensing boiler with the expansion vessel, pump,
bypass etc contained within the unit (hence system boiler). It is
being fitted by a Corgi plumber.
Inside the boiler there are 4 loose wires originating from the x2
connection point on the pcb, which the wiring loom for the components
comes from. To try and find out about these wiresI have looked for
wiring diagrams on the net but they are not detailed enough to show
what wires 2, 6, 23 and 24 are meant to be connected to. There are no
obvious missing connections to the various components.
Can anyone help with identifying the wires function and thus helping
me decide if reusing the boiler is worthwhile.
Thank you
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Please send link to photo.
Normally you would only need make external connections to the LNE and the terminals marked 3 & 4.
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Ed Sirett
not the regular connection points for the external inputs such as the mains supply, thermostat, additional frost control etc., but the x2 connector on the pcb from where the wires to the various internal components (pump, iginiter etc.) originate.
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I emailed Vaillant and received a reply saying the wires were unused neutrals - they use the same wiring loom for the both the Ecomax and Ecomax Combi boilers.
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