Vacuum storage bags

So once more to the fount of all knowledge
Anybody found a really cheap supply of these bags as I need to reduce the
size on a number of double and King size winter duvets and sleeping bags
Or is this really as good as it says
formatting link
found these which seem too good a price to be true
formatting link
comments appreciated
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I am told that Woolworths have them at a good price but I have no direct experience.
There was a thread elsewhere recently about using them as a low cost vacuum veneer press.
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Andrew May
£8.48 for 6 .There is certainly no shortage of similar items .All the sellers appear to be operating the same way .Low BIN price and about £7-8 postage to balance things up .
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Stuart B
I bought quite a big "selection box" of these at Costco. Sorry can't remember the price but they weren't vastly expensive.
Lots of our spare duvets and pillows are now stored in a remarkably small space.
Regards, Simon.
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Simon Stroud
In message , TMC writes
of their examples was a sleeping bag they could get back in its carrying bag - that's pathetic IMO.
complaining about non-delivery/lack of communication would put me off buying from that seller.
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Can't remember where I bought ours but they were very cheap.
They weren't the vacuum cleaner type though, I simply sat on them until the air was almost all gone and the stuff was flat then zipped the bags and put them under the bed before they could re-inflat.
So far it's worked.
Save your carbon footprint, squash them rather than have the hassle and expense of using your cleaner.
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Mary Fisher
Aldi had them last week as part of their weekly offers, one large and one small for 6.99 IIRC. We bought a couple and they seem to work well..
The stores may have some left..
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Be very careful about what you are vacuum flat. I do not know I admit about fibre type duvets and pillows, but if they are feather, it is not recommended as the pressure damages the feather structure and the item will lose it's bulk.
Particularly applies to feather sleeping bags. I would have thought that the ability of fibre duvets and bags might well also be compromised by excess pressure on the material.
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