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Does anyone with a long memory remember James Burke on Tommorows World demonstrating an early ELCB by touching an exposed live terminal?
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Cannot remember that but I do recall a demonstration of some water repellant sprayed liberally into an electric drill. It may not have been T/World and the demonstration was not undertaken by a TV presenter. They looked on while the chap demonstrating the product held the drill running underwater in an aquarium.It did not have any fish in it.
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Not a good idea. Many years ago a mate of mine added an ELCB to his house wiring and decided to test it by sticking his finger on a live wire. Nothing happened, no shock, no trip. Realising he was wearing rubber soled shoes and standing on a thick pile carpet he thought he'd need to earth himself as well so he touched a water pipe with his other hand. He recovered to find himself halfway across the room after the ELCB had tripped.
Contrary to some people's impressions an RCD won't stop you from getting a nasty electric shock if you touch a live wire, but it'll (probably) turn the power off before it kills you.
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Mike Clarke
I remember the electric drill demonstration also. I'm sure it was Tomorrows World which I used to watch regularly. I remember being absolutely amazed and still cannot understand how the "water repellant", if that's what it was, worked, and why it was never developed commercially. Does anyone have any ideas?
Pete K
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