Telephone extension cable

We have a BT 3505 digital 3 phone system. The master phone is in the
dining room, a slave phone is in the lounge and the third one is in our
bedroom. (Until recently, we have both been on call 24/7)
The BT telephone cable terminated under the stairs and I ran an
extension to our old phone around the floor, hidden by the carpets.
Due to various changes to the flooring, I am unable to do the same again.
No problem thought I, I'll run it around the ceiling where the eye does
not often travel. In the mean time I slung up a 10 M. extension over the
doors till I could get a round tuit. The other day, I bought a 20 M
extension because I couldn't source a 15 M one. The total wire length
would have been about 10 to 12 M.
Now comes my problem.
After drilling a hole in the wall and passing the plug towards BT's
socket, I pinned it up to run along the ceiling to the socket in the
lounge that shares the internet router and the master digi phone. I used
my mobile to test the line. All was well.
I woke this morning to find a note from my wife, saying that the house
phone was giving the message that the number called was not recognized.
Lo and behold I got the same :-(
Switched back to the 10 M line and everything works fine.
Is this because...
1 I have coiled the excess cable (about 7 M) and slipped an elastic band
around it. Yes, I am aware that they should be twisted pair, but I
suspect, due to the style of cable, that they are not, because I can't
find any cable clips that are small enough to hold it to the wall. But I
could be wrong. Extension is of the type that you can buy anywhere.
2 The cable is now too long for the digi phone.
3 the BT digi phone can not get through the coiled wire.
4 the digi phone can not get enough signal to the BT inlet, because of
the length of extension cable.
Any ideas anyone?
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Errrr.... what about going cordless? In my house I solved this issue (cables) buying a Panasonic three-phone cordless system. It has a "master" (which is a base that also works as an answering machine) and two remote "stations" that keep the other handsets recharged all the time. It also allows for communications betwen handsets, remotely checking voice-mails, etc. I hooked the base to a no-break (UPS) so that it is not affected by power outages. I've been living happy thereafter. :-)
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Surely if you get "number not recognised" (rather than engaged) that's telling you the exchange is not even trying to connect you the house becuase it does not recognise the number yo uhave dialled. maybe it was a temporary blip with the exchange which happened to get fixed as you changed back to the old cable.
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Looks like you might be right there. Just switched cables and low and behold I can do an ET (phone home)
Even so, I'll keep an eye on it for a few days.
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I am cordless. The only problem is BT's line terminates under the stairs. This means that I have to use an extension to get to the master phone, hence my enquiry here.
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