Dodgy phone master socket

Have just done a good couple of hours plugging routers, USBs, filters,
etc in all kinds of holes in all possible permutations. The
conclusion is this; there is a problem with my phone master socket
somewhere between the test socket and the socket on the faceplate.
I get my full 1Mbps speed test when connected via a USB or router,
with or without filter into the test socket, but anything plugged into
the faceplate socket drops to ~850kbps if it connects at all, and out
of the 8 speed tests, four timed out and the remainder got between
I understand that the bit that BTs cable connects to is theirs, but
can I replace part of this master socket? If BT do it, will they
charge (and roughly how much)? I'm with a LLU ISP, but still with BT
for line rental & calls. Do I go through my ISP or BT?
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Hugo Nebula
Is your extension wiring connected inside the master socket or to the back of the removable faceplate? (both are possible on a standard NTE5)
If it is on the faceplate, did you disconnect when doing your tests. If not it could be showing the influence of your internal wiring.
Best bet would probably be replacing the removable bit with a faceplate splitter anyway. e.g. see ADSL-NTEFACE on
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John Rumm

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