Storage: which kind of Bags

Having a lot of stored Junk, we have the problem of bringing it down a
ladder and sorting it and then putting some back.
Supermarket plastic carrier bags were good for storage and very handy to
carry up and down the ladder, but i think most are now probably
'degradable' and will soon fall apart into a thousand pieces.
Are there any plastic bags (maybe some bin bag types or similar?) that
will not be degradable, that any one knows of ?
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john west
I guess the supermarket "Bag for life" types are going to be reasonably long-lived, though they aren't free.
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Chris J Dixon
I?m not sure that any supermarket bags are ?oxy-degradable? any more. I know we certainly used to have a problem with supermarket carrier bags disintegrating in the loft but in recent years our Christmas decorations have stayed with their bags. ;-)
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Be careful with some of these. After a while they leak, and as the air re-enters the contents expand again.
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A vacuum is a hard thing to maintain, and a thin plastic bag with a zip top not much of a barrier. If you need the clothes to stay compressed, vacuum them down then bind them with a few wraps of tape. You don't need the vacuum any more then.
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We recently went to M&S and the cashier commented about the old M&S plastic bag that we were using for our shopping - that's when we realised that it was a bag that we'd recently retrieved from the loft, where it had been protecting towels since we were given them, when we got married in 2002!
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Steve Walker
Young whippersnappers! We have bags from Saudi and Omani shops acquired in the 1970s and 1980s, we worked in both countries for several years. We got married in 1972.
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Chris Green
In message , at 11:50:06 on Sat, 8 Feb 2020, john west remarked:
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Smaller sizes are available.
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Roland Perry
AFAIK, only Tesco were stupid enough to introduce disintegrating bags, which they later replaced with "normal" "single use" bags prior to the clampdown.
You can then "accidentally" rip them and swap them for clean ones when you visit the respective establishment, with the side effect of the bag exiting the landfill dead end and (theoretically) entering the recycling chain.
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John Kenyon
A few years ago Ryman gave away bags which told you to reuse them but they disintegrated if you kept them more than a few months.
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Max Demian

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