Sonoff - dangerous?

I've replaced the lights under our kitchen cupboards with LED strips,
and I'm stupidly pleased with myself. The old ones were all individually
switched, which was a faff. The new ones are switched by Sonoff wifi
switches, controlled by Alexa. Saying "Alexa kitchen on" actually does
what it says on the tin.
These Sonoff switches are tiny, and the terminals are stupidly small.
I'm more concerned, though, that the whole thing has a clip on plastic
cover. If this falls off, the terminals are exposed.
Should I just return them as unsafe? If I do, does anyone have
recommendations for some switches that are a bit better made?
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Isn't it so often the case that companies which have chosen names which are easily confused with major brands are questionable?
I suspect that in a phone call, or using voice recognition, the difference from "Sonos" is next to nothing. All intentional, of course.
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A little like our great leaders sudden revealation as a hobbiest model maker specialising in ... buses. Which immediately removed a lot of embarrassing historical stories about "Boris and bus" to below the fold.
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I think these are made for a global market which largely has lower expectations of electrical safety. However I recently installed some Ikea lights that have a similar kind of arrangement (clip on plastic cover with lever terminals inside) and it looks OK to me - it would be hard to accidentally come into contact with mains.
Are the switches going to be situated somewhere where the cover falling off might result in someone touching the terminals? For example, if the switch was mounted on top of a kitchen cupboard it seems unlikely that unsuspecting fingers would get into it. If this is a real risk, you could mount it inside a secondary enclosure (eg a surface pattress). You can also get enclosures suitable for them:
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Thank you. That's clearly the right solution. I've stopped whingeing and superglued the covers on. :)
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