Soil pipe.

Have built a new porch/cloakroom.
The toilet soil pipe comes out quite near a similar sized clay rainwater
pipe, which runs into the main sewer. It would save me a lot of time if I
could join my new soil pipe into this rainwater pipe. Is this permissable?
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In many/most urban areas, there are 2 waste sewers - one for 'clean' water, both from rainfall and sometimes baths, and another sewer for the 'dirty' water, from toilets, and kitchens. There are rules for what can be poured down each one, 'someone who knows' will come along soon and point it out.
If you do have 2 sewers for the differing waste, then it is a big NO to putting toilet waste into a rainwater pipe, as sometimes these pipes run directly into a local river/stream. HTH Alan.
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Mark brought next idea :
Sewage needs a great deal of treatment, but surface water doesn't. So in many areas the two are piped separately, rather than mixing them and having to treat a much larger flow. So plumbing one into the other is a quite serious offence.
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Harry Bloomfield
If it's a separately sewered area with dirty water going to the foul water drain ( that's all indoor water wastes), then the rainwater, whether from roofs or things such as drives, paths and roads goes to the surface water system where this is discharged to local watercourses. The foul water is conveyed to the sewage works for treatment.
Where the system is combined, all water goes to the sewage works for treatment.
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