removing plaster from kitchen walls

hi there, i was wondering if anyone had any tips for removing the top
coat of plaster from kitchen walls. i have already removed all the
ceramic tiles and some plaster came off with these but now i am left
with about 50% plaster and 50% sand/cement underplaster coat.
some of it is coming off ok with a wallpaper scraper but i am having
to scrape quite hard on areas and this is digging into the sand/cement
i'm working under the assumption i need to remove this layer of
plaster before i can get a plasterer to re skim the walls for me?
any tips welcome as its becoming a slow and dusty job!
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Best ask your plasterer. You don't need to remove the old plaster if it is sound. Just remove any loose paint and wall paper etc.
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In article , benpost writes:
You don't. You only need to remove anything that's loose and any excessively raise bits. Plasterer should start by bringing it all the the same level, and then do a skim over the lot. However, I suggest checking this with your plasterer.
However, if you want to continue stripping it off... An SDS drill with rotary stop and a wide flat chisel bit would be easiest for this job. You would probably damage the scratch coat underneath but as long as you don't bring chunks of it off or make it lose key with the wall, you would be OK. Put one on your list for Santa, and protective goggles too (and ear defenders if there's loads of this to do). Also make sure it has a safety clutch for when you're using it for drilling.
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Andrew Gabriel
ah wish i had known this before ive made a right mess of dust and bits of plaster, should have waited for the plasterer to take a look and advise me
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