So that's what all this green stuff is about

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'facing energy shortfall'
Sounds like the real reason they want us all to use electric
candles in place of proper lamps and all this other green
nonsense. Should have built those nuclear stations a long
time ago like France.
Love the pictures too - scary b/w picture of a nuclear control
room and bright colourful picture of windmills and happy
children. Never mind the facts, let's have a beauty contest.
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Fortunately all is not lost. It appears that the Isle of Lewis windfarm project is about to get knocked on the head.
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Andy Hall
In message , "Dave Plowman (News)" writes
I took my Maths for Comp Sci exam on acid. All the letters were pretty pictures of houses. ;-)
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In message , Andy Hall writes
I received a higher mark than I expected... 5%. This was excellent considering I spent most of the time practising writing my name and the rest watching the sun idly filter through the leaves on the trees outside the windows.
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Our school maths teacher, when someone gave an incorrect answer, would often remark that they 'might as well be out in the field picking daisies'...
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Ron Lowe
Wait till your sunday afternoon pleasures unexpectedly extend into Monday morining, and the first thing you meet when you get to work is a emergency project meeting in a room full of venetian blinds..;-)
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The Natural Philosopher
You should have done media studies not Maths. You get 10% for getting your name right in a media studies exam with the other 90% made up from course work (ie a good attendance record and watching television).
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In message , The Natural Philosopher writes
Before I respond could someone tell the water cooler to stop flirting with me please.
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On Sun, 27 Jan 2008 09:48:16 +0000, Andy Cap wrote:
It's the aging demographics that mess things up. Until the elderley have no voting rights there's no solution. They're the ones more likely to vote too. Can you make energy from soylent green?
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