Shower problems

Hi all,
I have a Bristan shower (Pisa, if that's relevant) and it's gone on
the blink. Just what I need for Christmas.
I have an open vented system, with dedicated draw off for the shower.
This is then boosted by a twin impeller pump before feeding the shower
(pump is from Wickes). System has been up and running for about 5
Symptoms are - no hot water out of the shower. You can get hot water
out of other taps, and you can feel the pipes are hot either side of
the pump (so to me, this rules out just convected heat). The pump
makes an un-happy whining sound, but is definately running because of
the pressure that comes out of the shower.
If you turn off the pump, you can then get a hot shower, but of course
without the pressure.
It has happened very intermittently in the past, and flicking the bath
tap on seems to draw water through and the shower hots up. This time
it's not fixing the issue, and the missus doesn't like a cold shower.
Neither do I, for that matter. But then I tried it again in the
evening and it's worked OK (with the pump).
My thoughts are - air in the pipe (but how does the air get there?)
and I'm not convinced. Pump not working - but you can hear it and the
pipes are warm both sides (which also seems to go against the air
lock). Shower knackered (but it's an intermittent fault, and works OK
with no pump running). You can apparently replace the shower
cartridge (If I can get the old one out) - I'll give it a clean. My
only other thought - maybe it can't handle the pressure with the
pump? I'll check out the specs for this.
Any thoughts or advice, gratefully received!!
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Could very well be a filter on the inlet side of the pump that is blocked.
Worth checking.
Switch off inlet supplies first before undoing unions.
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Heliotrope Smith

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