Shower detailing - help please

I have put up some cement board for a new shower. Some photos here:
formatting link

The cement board is pretty straight and vertical. The rest of the
bathroom is not!
I am wondering how best to finish off the end of the cement board, next
to the door architrave? I could just squirt some expanding foam into the
gap, but that still leaves the edge of the cement board exposed.
One possibility is to rout a big groove in a length of timber and slot
that over the end. I was thinking of tiling it first, then the wood can
go over the edge of the whole lot.
Any suggestions most welcome, please.
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That'd probably be a good solution.
Fill it and tile around the corner?
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Steve Walker
I think that would be difficult. It's a small fiddly area to tile. I could see them getting damaged easily.
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Is that gap narrow at the bottom and wide at the top or is it it just the distortion from the position of the camera when taking the photo.
If the (narrow) gap does get significantly bigger it may be difficult to disguise that the (old) wall is out of true with respect to the (new) tiling surface.
I would i) fill the gap with foam to support the edge of the cement board. ii) tile iii) remove the existing architrave at the side of the door and replace it with a much wider single piece of wood.
being a shower what are going to use to stop water splashing out at that corner? Consider bringing the tiling around that corner on the inside by one tile (assuming smaller tiles). this means you can build a 6inch wide timber wall out from the door architrave hiding the gap and better disguising the out of true exiting wall.
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How about removing the architrave and cut a cement board thickness off the back edge. Screw a narrow strip of cement board having scribed it to the wall then refit the architrave with cement board attached then seal the corner similarly to the seams.
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Tricky Dicky

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