Shocking Video: Man Pulls Scaffolding Over onto Busy Street

Why do all videos have to be shocking, weird, crazy or similar excesses? It is like the rage that seems to inevitably afflict Mail readers when Muslims do anything at all.
Couldn't we just have mildly amusing or somewhat curious videos? I blame the Americans.
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Roger Hayter
Because due in part to some recent changes it youtube those that are described as such get singled out for extra promotion by google's algorithms. Which means more people watch them, that means they gain more popularity etc, and so it goes on. Meanwhile google sell more ads.
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John Rumm
formatting link

For a dry topic such as "computer programming", ye can have the following headlines.
* 20 Reasons You Should be Talking About Computer Programming * 6 Ways Computer Programming is Completely Overrated * 16 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Computer Programming * Here Come New Ideas for Computer Programming
Which all look a bit condescending to first world english speakers, and answers why some topics and articles out there are a bit aimed at the 'low intelligence' when them people are trying to make money, sod the accuracy.
I'm sure there there is a daily mail fake news title maker somewhere, or they might keep that in-house*.
i.e. there is a rabid mad nut-job** tied up in an Associated Newspapers cellar, who watches 24 TV screens all day while fed with cocaine. They record his utterances with microphones, and check his heart rate. The most extreme ones they google whack, and if it looks like it sells, they publish.
** they give him usenet access as well...
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Adrian Caspersz
Was the video fake as Tim Watts suspects?
Or a home owner fed up with a scaffold company not removing the scaffold until they have another job to take it to (and thus a burglary risk)?
Or someone who hates the house owner? Or what?
Did anyone find out?
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