Sempatap Thermal Insulation - anyone tried it?

This stuff:
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being pushed through one of those odd government schemes (in this
case Magic Wall / Magic Boiler) as an alternative to dry lining etc for
solid walls.
It's not cheap - around £12/m^2 by the time you include adhesive, and
the BRE figures they quote suggest a saving of only around 90p/m^2/yr,
but it's less disruptive to fit than a "proper" solution.
Anyone tried it, or seen it in use, or seen anything similar?
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================================== This stuff is similar and has been around for many years:
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's much cheaper and it can be hung using a normal fungicidal paste and therefore doesn't need two coats of special emulsion paint to finish it.
One disadvantage is the it bruises if it gets knocked but that's a minor problem.
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On 11 Dec,
Whilst either may mitigate the effects of condensation, the heat loss reduction is generally insignificant compared with celotex/kingspan drylining.
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