semi pedestal and monoblok tap with pop up waste

Hi all, have bought basin with semi ped, no instructions just some
fittings and some springs, can anyone explain in detail (simple
detail ) how on earth i fit this to the basin, also the same applies
to the pop up waste supplied with the mono hole tap, no instructions
again, a diagram of both would be fantastic if possible , I thank you
in anticipation, t
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Bit difficult to answer that without knowing exactly what you've got! These things vary from model to model.
Why haven't you got any instructions - can't you hassle the supplier or manufacturer?
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I have only had one w/h basin with a popup waste so if this one is the same then a rod went in to a hole on tope of the monobloc tap and connected to another rod that came out from a fitting in the waste between the trap and the basin . The two were held together by a small locking screw thingy . Pressing the rod on the tap down popped up the waste when adjusted properly . As for the rest of your query I cannot help . Where did you get it . There surely must be instructions for this .Are you sure you didnt throw them out by mistake .Get back on to the suppliers and save yourself a load of grief.
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Stuart B

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