Self-tapping vine eyes?

I need some self-tappers that have a hoop at the top (like a vine eye)
rather than just a usual screw head. (Obviously I want to screw them
into metal). I've looked in the usual places and done a bit of
googling to no avail. I've come to the conclusion that they don't
exist, but I'm hoping you lot can prove me wrong.
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Anita Palley
Vine eyes, by their nature, get combinations of outwards and lateral forces, varying with growth and wind load. Not good loadings for self tapping screws which normally go into relatively thin sheet. (The drill/tap screws for going into thicker metal are a bit different).
Tell us more about what you are actually trying to do and you may get some more helpful suggestions.
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Thanks for advice so far. They're to go into the legs of a table which seem to be made of steel (square section, hollow). It's to turn it into a bondage table, ie fixings for ropes etc. In fact I managed to find these on ebay:
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seem to do the job OK.
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Anita Palley

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