Sealer to use on different surfaces?

My flat has one of those PVC (plastic?) front doors set into the (old) wooden
frame. Although it's all pretty secure, there are cracks/gaps which were
probably created when the new door was put in, but never rectified.
Is there any widely-available sealant I can use to cover these up - i.e.
something that will adhere well to PVC/wood/paint?
Cheers ... Mark
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Silicone is the common one which will adhere to virtually anything but of course won't take paint. So unless you can find a suitable self coloured one - it comes in clear, white, black, brown - you'd best use a polyurethane sealer.
Here's a reasonably priced source if you can't find it locally - but check for postage costs before buying.
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Dave Plowman (News)
Try acryclic frame sealer. It takes paint, which silicone doesn't.
Not as rubbery as silicone, so make sure frame is well fixed in place first.
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