SDS died?

My SDS (Lucky Screwfix Hedgehog) has started making a loud chattering noise, there seems to be a lot of play on the bits sliding in and out of the SDS chuck, and it's not chiselling as effectively as it did.
Has it passed over the rainbow bridge to the great toolshed in the sky?
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On Sun, 26 Jul 2020 08:15:14 -0700 (PDT), wrote:
My green Bosch rattles a bit if there is little or no pressure on the bit and the action is not very effecctive. Comes a point as you increase pressure that it suddenly "tightens up" and works as it should.
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Dave Liquorice
All sds drills work that way. The action doesn't really start working until there is slight pressure on the bit. The drill mechanism hits the bit forward and you pushing the bit into the work piece pushes the bit backwards to be hit again by the drill mechanism. If not drilling into anything the mechanism pushes the bit as far forward as it can and then retracts back but nothing is pushing the bit back into the chuck therefore on the next cycle the mechanism is not hitting the back of the bit (or is just lightly tapping the fully extended bit).
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I've often found situations (like nibbling something away) where a return spring would be useful. I try to use my hand but an external clip-on sprinq would better - never thought of it before but it should be easy to knock-up something suitable.
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