Replacement external overflow toilet pipe leaking - any ideas?

I'm slowly going mad trying to fix my close coupled Ideal Standard
(made in 2000) Kyomi toilet cistern.
The cistern was leaking externally and ruining the floor, so I have
removed the cistern and completely replaced all its internals (siphon,
inlet and external overflow ).
However I cannot seem to seat the replacement external overflow pipe
correctly as it still seems to drip (the toilet blue coloured) water
down the outside of the overflow pipe.. Thankfully I am doing my
testing with the cistern in the bath!
I have fitted the supplied rubber washer on the inside of the cistern,
however it seems that water is still making its way around the washer
(on the inside of the cistern) and down the outside of the overflow
Has anyone got any suggestions?
I'm a little surprised that this is leaking despite it being a new B&Q
external overflow pipe, rubber washer and plastic nut kit, however I
suspect it has to be the way I fitted it (what else coult it be?)
Advice gratefully received (to say the least)
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In practie the overflow should never operate - its only there as a back up in case the ball valve fails.
If you have replaced the siphon, that may well have an internal overflow anyway. All of the ones I have bought in the last two years have.
Liberally apply LSX to both sides of the washer. Leave for an hour & try.
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The Medway Handyman
Yes you are correct that the new siphon does have an internal overflow (which is set lower than the external one).
I could not find any plug/bung to seal up to old external overflow hole in the bottom of the cistern, therefore I went about fitting a replacement external overflow pipe just to fill the hole! I won't actually be connecting it to the pipe through the wall though.
Thanks.I will try the Fernox solution. I also have some plumbers seal but it looks like this stuff should only be used on sealing gaps between the coupled toilet waste pipes.
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