Removing internal walls etc.

Got an internal wall that I want knocked down so that I can merge my
kitchen/dining room. It appears to be just a partition wall...
However, before I do anything, is there anything I need to be aware of? Should I
get it checked by someone knowledgeable first to make sure its OK to do this?
Also, when I get a builder in later to sort out the end bits how much of a big
deal is this?
Also, I do have a gas cooker against the wall so I know I will need to get
someone CORGI registered to sort out the gas pipes etc. Also, maybe an
electrician to sort out the plug sockets in the wall too.
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I would ..
I'd get a builder in first and see what he says .. he may not want to finish off what you start so you might find it hard to get someone to do it, or do it properly!
Might be worth getting a builder in to do the whole thing if you're not happy doing the work ... knocking a wall down isn't really a 'labourers' job, a lot of it is doing it correctly so it doesn't need re-doing.
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Paul - xxx

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