Remember those iron-and-lead hammer-in masonry fixings?

Can anyone remember those iron & lead masonry staple thingies designed
for training plants up walls, etc? It was a sort of iron nail (square
section) with a bendable lead (or zinc) arm attached to the head. The
arm was made of lead so that it could be bent easily. The iron nail
itself was about an inch and a quarter long and the lead arm piece
about one inch long. Are they still available? Anyone point me to an
online seller? Or even tell me the correct name for those things?
Many thanks,
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I bought some about a year ago but decided to make more myself using strips of lead and galvanised nails.
Try google for: lead vine eyes or hammer in vine eyes
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Used to be the GPO's external fixing of choice! [ well up int north o't country anyhow ] our local ironmongers [yep, still got 'em, fork 'andles and all] still stocks them, sells them by the pound!!!
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Got a few left in a box in the workshop - Hiatts is the name on the box. Donkeys years old. David
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On Sun, 16 Dec 2007 14:02:35 -0800 (PST),it is alleged that spake thusly in uk.d-i-y:
Down here in the South too, I had been looking for them for years, never thought of gardening suppliers, many thanks to all (including the OP) who contributed to this thread :-)
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