Re: Insulating Floor

As one who has already done this, it is a huge ball ache, but for me worth it. I was unsure of the gain until I walked barefoot across the hall and noticed a really cold patch; it was where the trapdoor was and I had yet to insulate it.
That said, try this first: / as you're likely to be losing a lot through that window you have half open all the time, sorry meant to say chimney ;-)
Also check for gaps/draughts between floor & skirting. All my carpeted floors have hardboard laid under the carpet (rough side up) with joints sealed by gaffa tape. Hardboard is sealed as it joins the skirting too, as are any gaps.
I used 150mm fibreglass for the floor insulation supported by a hardboard subfloor between the joists. Details are in a previous post, try googling.
For similar construction methods, floor heatloss is reckoned to be about 50% less per degree temp diff than ceiling heatloss, but the underfloor is likely to be a lot colder . . .

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